More than just a flying movie theater.

Experience more than just a flying movie theater on board Berways. Take the opportunity to enjoy our Inflight Entertainment System (IFE), which offers a diverse selection of movies, series, games, music and more. Immerse yourself in your favorite entertainment and turn your flight into a movie theater.

Current highlights and classics:

Immerse yourself in a world of current movie highlights and timeless classics. Our in-flight entertainment system offers a carefully selected choice of films that will delight both cineastes and lovers of classic entertainment. Enjoy your favorite films and discover new favorites during your flight with Berways.

Entertainment for the little ones:

Even our youngest passengers won’t miss out with Berways. Discover child-friendly content tailored to different age groups. From animated films to interactive games, we offer a variety of entertainment options that will delight your children and make the flight time fly by.

Interactive games for in-between:

Pass the time with entertaining games that provide variety both alone and in company. Our in-flight entertainment system offers a selection of interactive games to suit every taste and age group. Let our games entertain you and make your flight with Berways an enjoyable experience.

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