Take Responsibility.

We are aware of the environmental impacts caused by our flights and do not wish to ignore them. We offset a portion of our emissions through compensatory measures. However, it is always best not to emit CO₂. Therefore, we optimize our processes, flight routes, and reduce noise day by day. All measures serve only as compensation or for CO₂ reduction, and everyone should be aware that flying still emits CO₂.


Our airline is obliged to purchase CO2 certificates via the EU Emissions Trading Exchange. The purchase of these certificates is intended to help make our aviation climate-neutral.

Compensate 100% of your flight

In cooperation with Atmosfair, we offer you the opportunity to offset 100% of your flights directly during the booking process.

Transparency of how much C0² the flight causes

In the booking process you can see how much CO² the flight causes.

Waiver of flights

We do not fly if another means of transportation can be used within 3 hours.

CO² Reduction

Permanent reduction of CO₂ emissions through optimized flight routes.

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We are currently not operating any schedule flights.


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