Berways is committed to sustainable action in all areas of the company.

With regard to our aircraft fleet, we focus on integrating modern technologies and efficient models in order to reduce fuel consumption and minimize emissions. These measures enable us to actively contribute to reducing our environmental impact.

Another key aspect of our sustainability strategy is the research and development of alternative fuels. Through innovative solutions, we strive to explore sustainable fuel options and steer the aviation industry in a more environmentally friendly direction.

Our sustainable practices extend across all areas of operations, from ground handling to the passenger cabin. Efficient logistics and environmentally friendly resource management are key elements of this. We also sensitize our employees to environmental aspects and promote conscious action in their daily working environment.

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Dear passengers,

We would like to point out that it is in the nature of our young start-up, Berways, that certain operational processes occasionally do not work as intended. If you notice any irregularities, we kindly ask you to contact us or send us your feedback. Your feedback is extremely important to us so that we can continue to improve our services for the future together with you and other valued customers.

The Berways team

We are currently not operating any flights.


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