Modern Aviation

The Berways fleet stands for the highest standards in terms of efficiency and performance. Each of our aircraft is carefully selected to meet the demands of modern aviation. Our aircraft cover everything from short-haul to long-haul flights. The focus is on safety, punctuality and comfort.

AIRBUS A330-200

  • 20 Supreme, 260 Economy
  • 238.000 KG
  • 15.000 KM
  • Over 35.000 KG
  • 2/3 Pilots, 8 Flight Attendant


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Dear passengers,

We would like to point out that it is in the nature of our young start-up, Berways, that certain operational processes occasionally do not work as intended. If you notice any irregularities, we kindly ask you to contact us or send us your feedback. Your feedback is extremely important to us so that we can continue to improve our services for the future together with you and other valued customers.

The Berways team

We are currently not operating any flights.


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